Why I created Sexy Curvy Fit

First I want to thank you all so much for visiting my website! You have so many options for gym clothing and you're here looking, buying and loving my designs and I couldn't be more grateful for your presence!

Just to introduce myself, my name is Shakayla and I created Sexy Curvy Fit Apparel about 4 years ago. Yes! Literally, 4 years ago. It's amazing how we have great ideas and fail to execute on them because of fear, judgement, lack of resources and a multitude of excuses that are just that; excuses. It wasn't until I failed out of nursing school that I realized this was something worth pursuing. It was tough in the beginning because when I wanted to build my business I couldn't. My husband and I had just gotten engaged and started planning our wedding. So, any extra money we had went towards that and I had to put my dream on hold for the moment. 

Once the wedding was over the debt it created had to be cleared and any and all plans I had of using the money I would have gotten from my tax return to start my business all but vanished into thin air. So, I literally had to start from the ground up. Around March of 2018, I changed my entire lifestyle to accommodate my goals of starting my business. This included automating my savings account, and completely eliminating all unnecessary expenditures. This meant I couldn't get my hair done, I couldn't buy gym clothes (which is my favorite!) and I had to put going on vacations, eating out or traveling anywhere on hold. It was long and it was grueling but I stayed motivated by listening to inspirational podcasts, motivational talks, reading books and understanding "why" I was doing it in the first place.

During this process each day I had to leave my daughter and go work on a job I didn't like. It burned me inside when I had to wave goodbye to her and watch her cry as I walked away. In addition to that I desired financial freedom and time freedom more than anything in the world. I knew that working for someone else was not the way to do either of those and getting a second job was out of the question. My only other choice and the best choice I've made so far is to become an entrepreneur. I loved the saving and building process so much! 

So here we are today, about to launch in two days time and I am stressed and fearful and excited all at once, going through all of the emotions a new entrepreneur would go through when getting started. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. To me, it's all worth the stress, anxiety and fear because I know I am building something that will give me the life I've always desired for both me, my daughter and my family as a whole. This opportunity was my destiny calling, and I answered the door. 


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