Sexy Curvy Fit Apparel's One Year Anniversary!

 Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Sexy Curvy Fit Apparel!

Yay! I cannot believe it's been exactly one year since I launched this clothing brand. Starting my own business has truly taught me so many lessons and I've grown so much from it. There is still so much to learn but one thing I can say is I wouldn't trade the experiences, the failures and the successes for anything. Some days I hate it, some days I am so overwhelmed I want to quit but no matter what, I keep going regardless. I truly love what I do and I'm in it for the long haul. 

My first launch was far from perfect. Initially, so many things went wrong from the "SHOP" button being missing, to me offering free shipping for orders over $100 and that malfunctioning. My label maker broke on me and when I took my first package to the post office the postage on it was wrong! It had to be the most frustrating experience I've ever had. Since then, things run a lot smoother but i'll never forget how frazzled I was getting orders and having so many things go wrong. Running your own business is indeed a test to see if you really have what it takes to stick it out, learn from your mistakes and implement new systems and strategies to grow and scale.

I've went months with no orders, I've attempted to start another business at the same time (which became too much), I've spent so much time creating ads, advertising, partnering with other businesses, hiring social media influencers (some that took advantage of my kindness) and through it all I've learned so much and STILL love what I do. I may not be selling out of launches yet, have thousands of followers on instagram or making a ton of money, but I am well on my way! I know its just a matter of time before my brand is an actual store, I am selling out of everything and I am known on a global scale. Right now I'm just focused on laying a strong foundation and building from there. 

I encourage anyone who may be thinking about starting their own business to go ahead and do so. Don't let a lack of money stop you from getting started. I saved for four months before I was even able to launch and I made the mistake of ordering too many leggings thinking this was the right thing to do at the time. You will make mistakes and things will fall apart. But understand, these are the lessons that must be learned in order to test your ability to make quick decisions and keep going. It is far from easy and running a business has it's pains but if you're in it for the right reasons and love what you do. It will be worth it!!!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Sexy Curvy Fit Apparel! Here's to many more to come!!

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