When it comes to getting fit, what we wear is almost as important as the exercises we chose to do. From your shoes to your leggings, your gym clothes should provide comfort, support, and style that will enable you to feel amazing and continue to push yourself. Whether we're lifting, running, or jumping, what we wear significantly impacts our performance and sense of self.

Sexy Curvy Fit was founded by a woman who understands the importance of feeling sexy and empowered while becoming more fit. Shakayla Rainey, Founder and CEO of Sexy Curvy Fit, decided to begin her fitness journey two years ago after giving birth to her beautiful daughter. At 221 pounds, Shakayla realized that most mainstream fitness brands would not fit her. As she began her mission, she became frustrated knowing that many women feel similarly discouraged at the beginning, and arguably the hardest part, of their journeys. Now, as a ISSA personal trainer with over 50 pounds lost, Shakayla wants to empower others to feel and look their best even on their first day back in the gym. 

She believes feeling sexy and beautiful will help motivate women to reach their desired goal. At Sexy Curvy Fit, Shakayla's number one priority is to make sure every woman is celebrated and appreciated.